Tricia Bauer

Selected Works

A novel in vignettes, Father Flashes, won the first Catherine Doctorow Prize for Innovative Fiction. In the book’s foreword, Carole Maso writes “I think of the novel as a form – its elasticity, its capacity to create wonder and terror and beauty.”
"Bauer tells a heartfelt and humorous story about a young girl's journey toward self-discovery and the meaning of family." Booklist
"Bauer's prose flexes with the narrative muscle of a veteran author... The real delight here, however, is Bauer's graceful and tender exploration of two people with extraordinary dreams finding happiness in plain, ordinary ways." Publishers Weekly
"The promise of Bauer's quietly acute story collection, Working Women, is movingly realized in this contemporary odyssey of a retired couple who journey with their young grandaughter through America amid upcropping dangers and fears." Kirkus Reviews (starred)
"The author's real focus is on the subtle discoveries that shape our ideas about ourselves -- about what we are and what we may become...Ms. Bauer's prose is as unpretentious as most of her characters, but its accumulation of simple, apparently artless detail sometimes leads to surprising depths, abrupt revelations of life's possibilities as well as its pain." The New York Times Book Review

Books and Reviews

Father Flashes
FC2/University of Alabama Press, 2011

Father Flashes reimagines what the novel can be or do. Composed of stunning vignettes that capture the deterioration of a father's mind and body, this novel provides poetic insight into the complex workings of a father-daughter relationship.

St. Martin's Press, Fall 2000

A pregnant teen's journey from troubled farm life in Paradise, Nebraska to Connecticut where she works as an au pair is just the beginning of an adventure that will connect Jade Engler to her ancestors and finally to her future. What she learns has much to do with the accidents that happen along the way. In one of Tricia Bauer's lyrical, heartfelt, even humorous novels, that's the way life goes.

Hollywood & Hardwood
Bridge Works 1999, St. Martin's Press paperback 2000

In Tricia Bauer's vivid and perceptive second novel, Lou and Renata make an effort to survive through New England's cold winters, the hardscrabble times of the early days of their marriage, and each other's failures. But it is their shot at success that may be Lou and Renata's toughest challenge -- the heady possibility of Hollywood.

Written with humor, honesty, and genuine emotion, Hollywood & Hardwood is an intense exploration of a couple's commitment, ambition, and love.

Bridge Works, 1997, St. Martin's Press paperback 1999

Boondocking is a family's journey into parts unknown. In the RV world "boondocking" means setting up camp in an uncharted area -- letting go of your plan and making your way on resourcefulness, wits, and emotional resolve -- which is exactly what Sylvia and Clayton Vaeth do to cope with tragedy of losing their only daughter at the hands of her husband. The Vaeths give up the comforts of suburban retirement and crosscross the United States with their baby granddaughter, Rita, in tow.

Working Women and Other Stories
Bridge Works, 1995

Tricia Bauer's short stories -- lyrical and often painfully funny -- present ordinary women and men, disarming in their honesty, as they find themselves caught by their surroundings or struggling to venture beyond them.

Whether confronting dilemma and tragedy amid the routine of their daily lives or battling their individual losses, the women and men in these 14 stories are allowed to become heroic in Bauer's perceptive, empathetic storytelling.