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Father Flashes

FC2/University of Alabama Press, 2011

Father Flashes reimagines what the novel can be or do. Composed of stunning vignettes that capture the deterioration of a father's mind and body, this novel provides poetic insight into the complex workings of a father-daughter relationship.

"These flashes linger in the reader's mind, and altogether they build the life that must have been." -- Bobbie Ann Mason

"Suffused with tenderness, Tricia Bauer's Father Flashes is at once austere and lavish, simple and complex, troubling and serene. How to describe the feeling exactly? One feels in familiar territory: a parent will dim and eventually die. A child will grieve. Why then does reading Father Flashes feel so surprising -- at once so natural and so frightening?" -- from the foreword by Carole Maso