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Hollywood & Hardwood

"Vivid and moving...A gift for sharp observation...Bauer has real wit." Tom O'Brien, USA Today

"A rare gem: a good tale of a good marriage..by a very gifted writer." -- Scott Eyman, The Palm Beach Post.

"Low on glitz and long on character, centering on a believable couple who struggle to keep their relationship alive whether they're freezing through a New England winter or hitting the hot spots on Broadway or in Tinseltown...They're likable people despite the pressure their ambition generates, and readers will be pleased that they support each other in the face of showbiz's sometimes overwhelming demands...Likely to appeal to readers who find the best-sellers that cover this setting a bit thin." Booklist

"An unexpected delight...With this, her third full length book, Bauer proves herself a major contender." Rapport (formerly West Coast Review of Books)

"[A] thought-provoking story of a couple struggling to stay together...Bauer allows her reader inside her characters to experience their intense emotions firsthand." Dallas Morning News

"Working-class origins and the slippery slope to success on stage and screen combine in insightful ways in this second [novel] from Bauer [who has a] knack for rendering credible characters...Vignettes that excel in sensitivity as they explore the charms and costs of artistic ambition." Kirkus Reviews

"A masterful work. Bauer's spare and eloquent language is a delight." -- Linda Richards, January Magazine (on-line)